Emile Ford was awarded a blue plaque on 15th June,2017.

It has been placed at No.10 Kensington Church Street, Kensington, London, UK.





The Legacy of Emile and George Ford

Picture Emile and George Ford


2 Responses to “News”

  • Hi Emile
    Remember me? You made me you agent for your new speaker system when you first developed it (EFS)…..
    I was an entertainment agent then in Gillingham Kent.
    I hope you get this message ! We can talk some more if you get this……Take care. Alan James Lawrie.

  • Bruce Learmonth:

    Hi Emile I don`t know if you remember me but you used to stay with us ” Bruce and Irene” when you were in Glasgow doing cabaret in the Crazy daisy At that time we had a little baby called Nicholas, He is now aged 39 and has two kids of his own.You once changed his nappy and said it reminded you of your two (I think in Sweden You might remember having a birthday at our house when you had I think a mobile home?
    Also to jog your memory I lent you a cheap electric guitar to do a gig and it was stolen from your car. You left early the next day but left a cheque to cover buying another one “Not necessary” It was signed Michael Miller which is how I have traced you. Nowhere on web to contact under Emile Ford .We are retired now and often talk of the old days and remember you well Our very best wishes and hope you are in good health Bruce and Irene PS CAN YOU STILL DO A HUNDRED PRESSUPS

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