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Web-Fi Sound is a post production service for all music genres. This scientific technique gives producers full control over acoustical problems and applies energetic life to their production.  The sound when applied enables perfect playback when online or when downloaded and is compatible with all speaker systems and Internet platforms.  It can be converted from download to any media format including mobile phones, car speaker systems, notebooks, CD players etc. The technique is applied onto an already mastered recording and the better the artist and his production the better the sound.   Web-Fi Sound correction enhancement is applied after mastering leaving the production untouched.


Acoustics create a very big problem for all recording studios.  It causes the final sound or mastered sound to end up in a parameter which is not compatible for reproduction on every speaker system to match the sound heard in the studio where it was made.



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  • Agreat honour to have been a Checkmate for Emile Ford.

  • paul:

    Great work Emile, the audio on those tracks sounds amazing!

  • Steve Coffey:

    Hi. I work mainly in the field of language study, and am currently documenting the names of ‘pop’ groups which appeared in the UK charts in the 1960s. I can find no reference anywhere to possible reasons behind the name ‘The Checkmates’? Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

  • Siobhan:


    I am trying to get in touch with Emile Ford, I wonder if you could possibly forward on my email address to him? Or alternatively, let me know if there is a way I could contact him.

    Many thanks

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